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How It All Started

A Foundation for Success

Davidson County Youth Soccer Association (DCYSA) was established in July 2012 with a representative from each of the following communities : Churchland, Midway, Reeds, Welcome, Arcadia, Davis Townsend, Fair Grove, South Davidson and Southwood/Southmont joined the league as the years went by. Davidson County Youth Soccer Association is proud of it’s very successful Recreation (Rec) soccer program. We were recognized by North Carolina Youth Soccer Association (NCYSA) as the number one recreation league in the state. Click here to read the Dispatch Article

The purpose of establishing this league was to keep our vision as a recreational league first. In 2019 we included Classic, which is a higher level of dedication, to our divisions. Our continued goal is to grow our program within all communities in Davidson County and to serve as many kids as possible be the best they can be and have fun playing soccer.

Recreational Soccer

Recreation soccer is the entry level of soccer that Davidson County Youth Soccer Association offers. This level is available to players from age 3 through 14. Recreational is intended for players just entering soccer or those who simply enjoy the game and do not wish to participate in the more competitive Player Development, Challenge or Classic levels.

Classic Soccer

The Classic level requires dedication and commitment by the players and their families in all areas including competition, training, financial, and time.

Our top priorities and mission are to develop players while providing a positive soccer learning experience. To ensure this, it is important for every player to be placed in the right situation and environment. Our goal is to challenge players while providing enjoyment and successful experience.

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DCYSA’s Mission Statement

To offer a strong character centered soccer program for children and families, developing sportsmanship and athletic skills, while promoting The Beautiful Game and making memories that last a lifetime.

Association Philosophy

We have a select youth soccer league for boys and girls whose primary focus is to provide a positive experience for the player, coach and parents. The emphasis will be on the education and technical development of each player and coach; so that their experience with DCYSA will encourage them to continue their participation in soccer with enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment. Parents are expected to uphold their child’s commitment to the program by bringing them to ALL practices and ALL games and on time.

Coaches Commitment

Will be committed to developing our players to first being the best teammates and second to be the best players that they can be. Coaches will place players in the team that best suits each player, allowing players to play up as allowed by league rules.