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Risk Management/Coaches Cards

DCYSA has a mandatory pass card policy. All individuals that have player contact during practices and games must hold a state issued coach pass card. These card must be in your possession to be present on the sidelines during any competition.  Per the North Carolina Youth Soccer Association starting with the spring 2014 season.  Referee’s will be required to check coaches cards prior to the match.  If you do not have your card you WILL NOT be permitted to coach.  If no carded coach is present you will be forced to forfeit your match


All Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Officials practice helpers..  Anybody that has contact with the children that participate with the DCYSA MUST complete risk management.  There is a $7.00 charge for the background check that must be paid to the DCYSA.  Please remit to your local Liaison.  Fee must be paid before you receive your card.

Click Here to apply for a pass card(Risk Management Application). New pass processing will take about two weeks. It is up to your community soccer liaison to inform the DCYSA Risk Management Coordinator that you have applied so that your application will be processed. Upon completion of the online portion, a receipt page will be displayed. Forward this email to your liaison. When your application has been processed the DCYSA Risk Management Coordinator will contact you to let you know your status. Even those individuals who are younger than 18 years of age still need to complete the application so that they may be issued a card.