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Referee Page

 We are looking for referees and all NEW aspiring referees must be certified by USSOCCER before they can work. North Carolina Soccer Referee Association (NCSRA) administers the certification with all online course work. All new aspiring referees must complete the online work and pass the test in order to be certified.


2018 New Referee Certification

Register here
All referee coursework is done online.


Eligible Referees

Minimum of 14 years old (or within 3 months of turning 14) 

DCYSA only uses USSF certified referees for all its programs


DCYSA Game Assignment and Pay Rates

# of referees per game Division Pay per game-Center Ref Pay per game-Assistant Ref
1 U4 $10.00  
1 U6 $20.00  
1 U8 $22.00  
1 U10 $25.00  
3 U12 $30.00 $15.00
3 U14 $34.00 $23.00
3 U16 $40.00 $26.00
3 U19 $46.00 $28.00

Registration Fee 

$80: 17 year olds or younger 
$105: +18 years old 

Certification Completion

After passing the certification test you must contact Jimmy Hamblin, DCYSA’s Referee Assignor, in order to be scheduled to work. New referees usually start out at U6, U8 or as an assistant referee (AR) on younger games.

The 2018 Certification allows you to officiate the remainder of 2017 and all of 2018. Re-certification is required every year and begins July 1 for the following year.

Referee Courses

Registration, certification, re-certification and more information can be found at USSF-NC Arbiter Central Hub

Arbiter-Referee Scheduling Software

New referees or referees new to DCYSA can email Jimmy their name, a unique email address, experience, and certification information in order to be added to the Referee Assignment Data Base in the Arbiter.  Referees will then receive a login to Arbiter where they can enter their personal data and get set up to receive game assignments.


Have more questions? Check out our FAQ pages


Match Reports

DCYSA Youth teams are provided Match Reports to bring to the Games.  All completed Match Reports are to be kept by the Center Referee.  Scores from each match must be entered  by the Center Referee into the Arbiter program in order to be paid.

Download Match Report

Rules of Play for Recreation

Make sure you know all the rules for DCYSA Recreation games

Rules of Play


Contact Jimmy Hamblin, DCYSA’s Referee Assignor: dcysarefassignor@gmail.com

Game Day Mobile Phone: (336) 596-8370

Please use the game day mobile number for:
-Referees or coaches to report no shows, lateness, serious game problems or etc.