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Kicking The Wall


Often, you will find that you are alone or with one or two of you friends in the backyard or at the playground. The following activities are challenging soccer activities that will, not only keep you and your friends busy, but will help you improve your skills and your decision making. Find a wall that you can kick your soccer ball against and then do the following soccer activities:

Straight On: 

Kick your ball directly against the wall at different speeds (pace or weight) and from different distances. Use different surfaces of the foot (inside of the foot, outside of the foot, instep (laces), heel, and toe). Try to keep the ball on the ground. Receive the rebound with different surfaces of the foot (inside of foot, outside of foot, sole of foot, always trying to keep the first touch within playing distance (about 1 or 2 steps from you). Receive the rebound with a controlling touch or two and then kick it against the wall again. Keep the ball moving and keep your feet moving at all times.


Position yourself about 10 yards away and at one end of the wall. Kick your ball on the ground toward the middle of the wall (about 45 degrees). Immediately after kicking the ball, run to receive it as it rebounds from the wall to the opposite end. Perform a change of direction move (pull back with sole of one foot and push behind other foot, chop with inside or outside of foot) and repeat the activity in the opposite direction. Experiment with pace and the angles of you kicks, as well as your receiving surfaces and number of controlling touches. Always try to keep the all moving.