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Often, you will find that you are alone or with one or two of your friends in the backyard or at the playground. The following activities are challenging soccer activities that will, not only keep you and your friends busy, but will help you improve your skills and your decision making. Set up a goal with cones about 4 steps wide. You stand behind one of the cones with the ball and your friend stands behind the other cone without a ball. Both of you face the same direction. You must throw or kick the ball about 10-15 yards out into the area that you and your friend are facing. The instant the ball is struck, both of you must attempt to get it (gain possession of the ball) and dribble it back through the goal. Play for 20-30 seconds. Alternate the server each time. If your Mom or Dad is available, they can serve the ball from a position away from the goal and keep time. This is a great 1 versus 1 activity.


Mom serves (kicks) the ball out into the yard and you and your friend compete to get the ball back to her, instead of going through the goal. This is a great activity to work on playing with pressure from behind. Thus the players must shield the ball often, escape the pressure of their opponent and create a space large enough to pass the ball back to the coach.