DCYSA – Lexington

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DCYSL Principles Of Conduct


1. First responsibility is the health and safety of all participants.

2. Recommended that coaches become certified in basic first aid and are prepared to handle emergency situations that may arise.

3. Know and understand the Laws of the Game.

4. Keep safety first when dealing with equipment and field conditions.

5. Encourage training programs to coaches for skills to fit the age group of players.

6. Supervise and control players so as to avoid injury situations.

Player Development

1. Develop the child’s appreciation of the game.

2. Keep winning and losing in proper perspective.

3. Be sensitive to each child’s development needs.

4. Practice should be conducted in the spirit of enjoyment and learning.

5. Educate the players to all aspects of the game for their level.


1. Maintain integrity within our sport to the best of our ability.

2. Know and follow the rules and policies set forth by clubs, leagues, state and national associations.

3. Be a positive role model.

4. Keep good sportsmanship with all that are involved with the game.

5. Encourage moral and social responsibility.

6. Coaches should continue their own education in the sport.