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2014-2015 DCYSA Indoor Soccer Season

 U6 Indoors Schedule_revised 12102014


1:45 Brown v/s Lemons

2:17 King v/s Leonard



2:49 Brown v/s Bell

3:21 Leonard1 v/s Leonard2



3:53 Bomb Squad v/s Mahoney

4:30 Beasties Bunch v/s Bour

5:07 Dickens v/s Bour


U14 -12-21-2014

5:44 Heat v/s Conrad

6:26 Garcia v/s Scoring Machines (Winners Bracket)

7:08 Brown v/s Walser (Winners Bracket)

7:50 Brown v/s Pigg


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Cassetta- Coach Cassetta

Beck- Coach Beck

Mahoney- Ed and Susan Mahoney

Craver- Coach Lowder

Division Coach Last Name, First Name
U6 Cassetta Pollard, Kenneth
U6 Cassetta Cassetta, Dylan
U6 Cassetta Wood, Morgan
U6 Beck Beck, Madison
U6 Beck Altiers, Brenna
U6 Beck Williamson, Emma
U6 Beck Todd, Madison
U6 Mahoney Taylor, Cash
U6 Mahoney Tysinger, Brent
U6 Mahoney Mahoney, Anna Lee
U6 Craver Craver, Garner
U6 Craver Lowder, Leigh
U6 Craver Mahoney, Jaelyn



Brown- Pam and Chris Brown [3 W, 0 L]

King- Joe King and Layla Brinkley [2 W, 1 L]

Leonard- Tim Leonard [1 W, 2 L]

Lemons- Brenda Sanders [0 W, 3 L]

Division Coach Last Name, First Name
U8 Brown Brown, Ayden
U8 Brown Beasley, Maximus
U8 Brown Tierney, Nicholas
U8 Brown Garcia, Misael
U8 Brown Owens, Joshua
U8 Brown Lowe, Trent
U8 Brown Racozy, Elias
U8 Brown Shoaf, Elizabeth
U8 King Harris, Katie
U8 King Gonzalez, Darren
U8 King Chavis, Chloe
U8 King Watson, Owen
U8 King King, Jazlyn
U8 King Benton, Lillian
U8 Leonard Leonard, Bryliea Emmi
U8 Leonard Beck, Madison Claire
U8 Leonard Anderson, Kate
U8 Leonard Meuser, Abby
U8 Leonard Edmonds, Kerrigan
U8 Leonard Wyatt, Amaya
U8 Leonard Meismer, Luke
U8 Lemons Loflin, Jake
U8 Lemons Francis,Kaylea
U8 Lemons Lemons, Kaylynn
U8 Lemons Kernstine, Lacee
U8 Lemons Kammer, Andrew
U8 Lemons Hill, Jackson
U8 Lemons Scott, Madelyn



Brown- Pam and Chris Brown [ W,  L]

Leonard- Tim Leonard [ W,  L]

Leonard2- Tim Leonard [ W,  L]

Bell- Judson Bell [ W, L]

Division Coach Last Name, First Name
U10 Brown Sullivan, Reece
U10 Brown Hooks, Adam
U10 Brown Brown, Allie
U10 Brown Moser, Malaki
U10 Brown Dickson, Jacob
U10 Brown Dickson, Cole
U10 Brown Bracken, Chase
U10 Brown Mahoney, Michael
U10 Leonard Leonard, Brenden
U10 Leonard Stockard, John
U10 Leonard Fritts, Will
U10 Leonard Parrish, Kolbey
U10 Leonard Pickle, Ethan
U10 Leonard Butala, Andrew
U10 Leonard Bour, Saketeara
U10 Leonard 2 Kidd, Myah
U10 Leonard 2 Prescott, Chelsea
U10 Leonard 2 Hutchins, Seth
U10 Leonard 2 Meuser, Jake
U10 Leonard 2 Lemly, Jacob
U10 Leonard 2 Miller, Katherine
U10 Leonard 2 Kammer, Riley
U10 Bell Adams, Dylan
U10 Bell Adams, Kaitlyn
U10 Bell May, Jake
U10 Bell Neely, Spencer
U10 Bell Bedolla, Royelio
U10 Bell Bell, Ricky


Dickens- Timmy Dickens [4 W, 0 L]

Bomb Squad- Tasha Lanier [3 W, 0 L]

Beasties Bunch- Tasha Lanier [1 W, 2 L]

Bour- San Bour [1 W, 3 L]

Mahoney- Ed and Susan Mahoney [0 W, 4 L]

Division Coach Last Name, First Name
U12 Bour Bour, Sean San
U12 Bour Butala, Bella
U12 Bour Pierce, Isabella
U12 Bour Pierce, Amber
U12 Bour Pierce, Marie
U12 Bour Wyatt, Jayvian
U12 Bour Ward,Harley Jacob
U12 Bour Ward, John Daniel
U12 Bour Jordan, Tanner
U12 Dickens Dickens, Joshua
U12 Dickens Dickens, Mikel
U12 Dickens Shoaf, Holland
U12 Dickens Sullivan, Riley
U12 Dickens Walser, Lane Michael
U12 Dickens Martindale, Andrew
U12 Dickens Martindale, Austin
U12 Dickens Repass, Jake
U12 Beasties Bunch Baker, Hannah
U12 Beasties Bunch Lanier, Alex
U12 Beasties Bunch Snider, Camden
U12 Beasties Bunch Berrier, Tiffany
U12 Beasties Bunch Phillips, Matthew
U12 Beasties Bunch Lanier, Anna
U12 Beasties Bunch Brinkley, Cassidy
U12 Mahoney Smith, Randon Cole
U12 Mahoney Holden, Izayah
U12 Mahoney Brinkley, Haleigh
U12 Mahoney Griffin, Chance
U12 Mahoney Shell, Ryan Cmaeron
U12 Mahoney England, TJ
U12 Bomb Squad Dalton, Jackson
U12 Bomb Squad Taylor, Gavin
U12 Bomb Squad Hart, Ryan
U12 Bomb Squad Meismer, Landon
U12 Bomb Squad Garcia, Isai
U12 Bomb Squad Smith, Corbin
U12 Bomb Squad Lanier, Payton
U12 Bomb Squad Atkins, Cameron


(1) Brown- Pam and Chris Brown [6 W, 0 L]

(2) Scoring Machines- Tasha Lanier [2 W, 1 L]

(3) Garcia- Coach Garcia [2 W, 1 L]

(4) The Heat- Tasha Lanier [1 W, 2 L]

(5) Conrad- Cecil Conrad [1 W, 2 L]

(6) Pigg- Rob Pigg [0 W, 3 L]

(7) Walser- Pam and Chris Brown [0 W, 3 L]

Division Coach Last Name, First Name
U14 Brown Wiles, Ethan
U14 Brown Brown, Andrew
U14 Brown Crews, Jacob
U14 Brown Bennett, Hugh
U14 Brown Stahle, Maddie
U14 Brown Lowe, Haley
U14 Brown Owens, Kaylin
U14 Brown Turner, Logan
U14 Brown Fuerer, Max
U14 Scoring Machines Dickens, Joshua
U14 Scoring Machines Dickens, Mikel
U14 Scoring Machines Sullivan, Riley
U14 Scoring Machines Baker, Hannah
U14 Scoring Machines Lanier, Alex
U14 Scoring Machines Bedolla, Adolfo
U14 Scoring Machines Berrier, Tiffany
U14 Scoring Machines Brinkley, Cassidy
U14 Pigg Freedle, Kendyl
U14 Pigg Pigg, Kobbe
U14 Pigg Pigg, Dakota
U14 Pigg Vileno, Destanie
U14 Pigg Tierney, Hannah
U14 Pigg Yandell, Erin
U14 Pigg Hellmer, Corina
U14 Conrad Garmon, Avery
U14 Conrad Milstead, Conner
U14 Conrad Milstead, Riley
U14 Conrad Lopez, Jennifer
U14 Conrad Miller, Cameron
U14 Conrad Conrad, Ainslee
U14 Conrad Snider, Camden
U14 Walser Berrier, Karissa
U14 Walser Saintsing, Grace
U14 Walser Pollard, Mallory
U14 Walser Owens, Jakob
U14 Walser Taylor, Mason
U14 Walser Hartley, Drew
U14 Walser Keaton Turrentine
U14 Walser Walser, Aubrey
U14 Garcia Martinez Lara, Sergio Luis
U14 Garcia Badillo, Junior
U14 Garcia Socha, Joseph
U14 Garcia Biggerstaff, Tyler
U14 Garcia Garcia, Jose
U14 Garcia Horn, Sebastian
U14 Garcia Sheets, Zane
U14 Garcia Sheets, Sidney
U14 The Heat Murray, Seth
U14 The Heat Austin Eddinger
U14 The Heat Helms, Devin
U14 The Heat Pennington, Jacob
U14 The Heat Taylor, Gavin
U14 The Heat Atkins, Cameron
U14 The Heat Lanier, Payton

Registration for all communities will be finished by 2/27/2015! NO SIGN UPS WILL BE DONE AFTER THIS DATE.Spring 2015 Information

Teams and rosters will be finalized by March 7, 2015

Games will start 3/21/2015 for the spring 2015 season.

Spring End of the Season Tournament will be at Reeds Ball Field. Dates TBA.

BBQ Festival Tournament

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